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  • FromShane Tilton <tiltons@xxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 20 May 2010 23:15:48 -0400
As one of the old guard, (how did that happen?!?!) I guess I should put my 2 cents. I'm not surprised by 
the passion and the level of discussion this change has brought to our community. I know Kristin has 
been struggling with this decision for over a year. I've been wearing the ears for at least 6 years. For me, 
the ears represent the community and the fellowship that I've shared with all of you. That's why I 
coordinating the events at GenCon. I believe in playing these games and how these games being people 
together. I understand how the iconography and symbols that represent Mad Lab Rabbits allows us to feel 
connected to this sense of community. But, those symbols shouldn't be the fetish that ties us together. 
Am I a little sad about this decision? Yep, I am. Is it necessary? Probably, it was. 

Nimrod does have a point. I think Mad Lab Assistant has that certain something that works.

Shane Tilton,
Chair, Communication and the Future Interest Division,
National Communication Association &
Adjunct Instructor of Electronic Media,
Ohio University-Lancaster
Herrold Hall 204

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