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[Something] Recasting Tron Joystick Handles

  • FromChris Goodwin <cgoodwin@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 19 May 2006 22:17:25 -0700 (PDT)
Found on a web forum I occasionally read.


The poster gives a tutorial, including photos of his ongoing process, on how to use silicone molding compounds and plaster of Paris to create molds to cast items out of resins, in this particular case the joystick to a Tron video game. While I hope that its application to doing things like creating pyramids should be obvious :-) it's a darn cool tutorial if you like to make stuff with your hands. And, generally, a darn cool web site if, besides that, you also like arcade video games.

It was also featured on the MAKE blog: http://www.makezine.com/blog/archive/2006/05/homeade_tron_arcade_joysticks.html?CMP=OTC-0D6B48984890

(If anyone's out there thinking "Well, duh! It should be obvious!" it wasn't obvious to me.)

Chris Goodwin

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