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RE: [Something] Yay, me! (Again)

  • From"Jeremy Lewis (Home)" <paxdraxus@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 26 Sep 2006 23:20:49 -0500
Topher:  Has the jacket copy been written for your book yet?  I'd like to
know what it is about.

J:  The jacket has not yet been written.  But... in short, WELCOME TO THE
VOID is a vampire book that's been bopping around my head since I read
INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the book and the
next few sequels, but most vampire novels revolve around vampires being
sexy, mysterious, and to one degree or another bemoaning their plight.  I
wanted a vampire who was in his forties when he joined the ranks of the
undead.  He's not exactly happy about being a vampire, but he isn't going to
whine about it either.  He's caustic and abrasive, but he's also funny and
(once you get to know him) good at heart.  

It's part love story and part mystery with loads of action and more than a
few laughs.  

Topher:  Should I be worried about buying a novel by a guy who's bad at a
storytelling game? ;)

J:  Nah.  I think it's because I'm too long winded.  :)  If we each had
twenty or thirty minutes to tell our story...

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