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RE: [Something] Yay, me! (Again)

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I can post it to the list when it comes out if no one minds.  I know this is
the Something List, but I don't want to be a bore and clog up everyone's
email with non-Looney related stuff.

As for Nanofictionary, it is a great game.  My favorite Looney Labs game is
Volcano, but my gaming group likes to mix it up a bit.  Aquarius is also
tons of fun and very easy to demo.  To me it's like the card equivalent of
Treehouse with regard to ease of play and rules comprehension.  I heartily
recommend it.

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Congratulations!  Where can we learn more about
it, and maybe sign up to be alerted when it is

And thanks (I think) to you for mentioning
Nanofictionary.  I'm a looney labs newbie so had
never heard of the game, and now it's on my
ever-expanding wishlist.... <g>


> Yay!  WELCOME TO THE VOID by J.F. Lewis (that's
> me) will get a Fall 2007 release 

> Nanofictionary.  :)
> Why am I so bad at that game?

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