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  • FromTheLoneGoldfish <thelonegoldfish@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 26 Oct 2006 04:57:56 -0500
Please move the rabbit craft (bags, etc) conversation to this list.

I found some links on hand sewing I found useful... well, one link.


It has information on running stitches, i.e. folding the fabric like \/\/\/\/\/\/\ and running a needle through it. And all kinds of other stitches I'm not going to bother with right now.

Today's crafty thing: I made a holder for my ICE-7 Cards.

I needed some way to keep them together so I could put them in with my icehouse bag (without them getting torn/poked/ripped/crumpled) so I went and made a small holder out of the cheap test fabric I have (a dull black*) to hold them together and protect them... Designed much like the drawstring bags, but with close hems at the opening (because I don't need a string). Then I stamped a red saturn on it with the fabric paints for no good reason :)

*Added note: if you're going to learn to sew, do yourself a favor and do not buy black material and black thread... It would help to see what I'm doing.

Blab Report:

I got a friend to play cosmic coasters today (sitting at a table by yourself, moving beads around on neat looking coasters is a good way to get people to ask "what the hell are you doing"). We got through about three 2player games, and then another friend joined us for a single 3player game (sinister rules). There's a bit of diplomacy involved in goading your target to play offensively (to lighen the pressure on yourself and open his planet up to attack...)

Hmm... An interesting idea: Perhaps instead of a single there and back, you could play so that you need to jump around the entire circle of players. It would leave open the option of (and probably force) leaving your home planet to attack with sufficient force. It would however require adjustments to the planetary bonuses, for instance, teleport inhibitor would be less powerful and all the other ship-based abilities would be more powerful.

Speaking of cosmic coasters, my friends a long time ago gave me a PSP game case as a housewarming gift (they thought I had a PSP I suppose) and I thought it'd come in handy someday... Turns out it's the perfect size to hold four coasters and 28 glass beads.

Gah, this would be a better blog entry than a list post... oh well

-Evan Parker (currently obsessed with game-crafts)

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