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[Something] Re: Please help me find a glass ball for Christmas!

  • FromBrian Campbell <lambda@xxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 4 Dec 2006 15:56:00 -0500
I'm following up on the Something list. If you're not subscribed already, you probably should, since it's where threads like this that get a bit off topic end up going.

On Dec 4, 2006, at 3:28 PM, miyu wrote:

I would like to see if anyone could let me know some good sources for trying to learn contact juggling. I have the book which is awesome but I find it difficult to learn from books. I have gotten a basic windshield wiper motion down but I'm not having any success passing from hand to hand which keeps me from getting any sort of butterfly going. Some other sources for information would be nice. It would be even nicer if there was anyone near me who was a CJer.

I personally learned from the book, plus whatever videos I could find online. The websites I found most useful were contactjuggling.com and contactjuggling.org. I've heard good things about Greg Maldonado's Contact Juggling videos, so if you want something more concrete than the book, you might want to try those.

The real key, I've found, to doing a lot of the tricks is to learn stalls on different parts of your body. For instance, the basic windshield wiper is just moving from a front of the hand stall to a back of the hand stall. In order to learn stalls, practice jut putting the ball on that part of your body and holding it there, while moving your body around and trying not to drop the ball. Once you can hold it there, without it rolling away, try maybe tossing the ball up and down in the air a bit.

Then, once you can do that, try rolling the ball from one stall position to another. This is hard, and can take a lot of practice. The best way to look at it is as moving your hand & arm under the ball, rather than rolling the ball over your hand or arm. You can also get some practice with the rolls by just rolling it past the stall point onto your other hand, for instance rolling it from the back of your right hand, down the back of your arm, and off your elbow, where your left hand is waiting to catch it.

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