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Re: [Something] Honduras

  • From"Kimberly Terrill" <kiter5@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 29 Jan 2007 10:58:35 -0500
We are all excited. The poor kid has left a family of 12 and is here all alone.
I sure just having him here will be crash course in Spanish- no CD required...
He has surgery today to get cadaver skin stapled to his legs. weird and cool at the same time....
(I wonder if we can take him toOrigins with us one of the days???? I wonder if I could fanaggle a free ticket for him......)
On 1/29/07, Christopher Hickman <tophu@xxxxxxx> wrote:
You could get one of those crash-course CDs to do on your computer and incorporate it into your schooling.

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