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[Something] Stonehenge game system

  • From"Doug Orleans" <dougorleans@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 13 Feb 2007 17:28:05 -0500
Here's a scoop from boardgamenews.com about the new game system
Stonehenge.  Check out the bit at the end!


 Titanic Games was showing off most of Stonehenge; all the bits are
complete except for the plastic trilithons and other plastic
components. Joshua Frost of Paizo Publishing, Titanic's parent
company, says that the manufacturer can produce only so many plastic
bits a day, which is why the game won't be released until May 2007.
The titles of the games are:

   * The High Druid, by Bruno Faidutti
   * Magic of Stonehenge, by Richard Garfield
   * Auction Block, by James Ernest
   * Chariots of Stonehenge, by Mike Selinker
   * Arthurian Ghost Knights, by Richard Borg

 Aside from the basic five games, the May 2007 issue of Knucklebones
will include a new game by Paul Peterson that uses the Stonehenge
bits. The game, Stonehenge Rocks, will involve rock bands, if you can
imagine that.

 Titanic plans to offer a Days of Wonder-type online game design tool
in which anyone can submit games that use the Stonehenge elements.
Titanic will review the games, edit them when needed, and make them
available online.

 What's more, an expansion for Stonehenge is already in the works,
with Andrew Looney being one of the designers. The expansion will
expand the game to six players and introduce another board element
that all of the expansion game designers can use.


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