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Re: [Something] Stonehenge game system

  • FromBrian Campbell <lambda@xxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 14 Feb 2007 10:58:38 -0500
On Feb 13, 2007, at 5:28 PM, Doug Orleans wrote:

 What's more, an expansion for Stonehenge is already in the works,
with Andrew Looney being one of the designers. The expansion will
expand the game to six players and introduce another board element
that all of the expansion game designers can use.

Cool! I think that Icehouse will always be my favorite game system, but I've been really interested in Stonehenge ever since I started hearing rumors about it. It's definitely going on my wishlist as soon as it comes out, and to hear that Andy Looney is involved in the expansion makes it even more cool.

So, bets on when someone will design the fist hybrid Icehouse/ Stonehenge game? Some of the best Icehouse games are hybrids (Gnostica, Alien City, and arguably any of the ones that rely on a chessboard), and I think it would be pretty cool to have a stonehenge meets pyramids sort of mystical/alien conspiracy theme going on.

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