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  • From"Kimberly Terrill" <kiter5@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 27 Feb 2007 11:50:12 -0500
<<<--- Carol Townsend  wrote:

> And I don't much care for coffee.

Coffee doesn't like you, either! I think you're nice, though. =^>

I'm surprised you didn't take this up as a challenge, Eeyore!  Remember the "I don't like beer" challenge?  :)


Eeyore was being kind in not challenging my coffee statement. I am  too tired and mentally exhausted to think properly, let alone type grammticaly correct. Or spell.
I just finished wound cleaning and dressing changes. WOW- getting him into his burn garments is very strenuous. My arms and back are tired. I didn't realize this would be such a physical work out. Maybe my husband will do the evening round.
--Kimberly (who needs a cup of tea)


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