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Re: [Something] Tie-dying question

  • From"Heather Bogart" <hbogart@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 12 Apr 2007 11:41:58 -0400
This is actually one of those spots where 'natural' does not equate with 'safe and easy'.

Yes, you /can/ dye cotton with natural dyes. It is not easy, it will not give bright brilliant colours that one assocates with tie dye. Nearly all natural dye colours are variations on brown and yellow. Red is a challenge and blue is nearly always indigo which is challenging and involved. You spend a lot of time learning about metal mordants and fabric preparation and dye baths that can potentially be quite toxic.

Unfortunately 'natural' dye is not as simple as sticking a t-shirt in beet juice if you want the colour to stay through sunlight and a trip through the washing machine.

Heather -- who does natural dyeing on wool, and just groans at the idea of the work involved with mordanting cotton.

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Thanks for the great advice! Hrm, perhaps I should try out this internet
thing. ;)

Obviously I was wanting information from people that I could actually
question for tips and the like and after seeing some of the interestingly
complex designs some of the Rabbits had done I thought this was the correct
list to ask.  Was I incorrect in that assumption?

I will check out that Dharma site and scope out their dyes.  I could deal
with some minor fading if it means I get to use vegetable dyes or something
relatively natural.  And Ryan, I trust your advice, no need to put a
portfolio online :lol:  Although if you ever do, I would love to look
through it and admire the items!


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