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[Something] Re: Something Digest, Vol 30, Issue 5

  • From"Nick Lamicela" <nupanick@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 10 Mar 2008 13:49:24 -0400

Cool.  I'm already writing a GURPS module based on your game. ;)

Yeah, I'm considering  getting a set of GURPS books but I've been told by D&D players that it's too complicated (although I admit they're probably a bit biased). My world ideas span all over, I just love world creation, but then when time comes to make interesting characters I fall flat. So I had the idea to make a couple world-jumping characters that can serve as foils to whatever world they're in, but I always get distracted. Usually I always end up falling back on a little robot or something, but that's hard to relate to.

*sound of internal gears turning as an old idea resurfaces from the back burners of my mind...*