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  • FromHarlan Rosenthal <Harlan.Rosenthal@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 23 Sep 2008 00:19:42 -0400
At 11:01 AM 9/22/2008, Rev. Bob wrote:
You need to factor the Electoral College into your calculations.  I
live in a state that I already know will go to McCain in November -
it's just not in doubt.  ...
Of the three, I would choose Barr, then Obama, then McCain.  As it
does not matter how I vote, because my state is going to McCain, why
shouldn't I vote for Barr?

Good point.

A former colleague of mine lived two counties over in a very Republican district, despite being mostly a Democrat. His solution: register for the primaries as a Republican, so at least he had some input to the process.

Even a vote "against" a major party candidate "for" another major party candidate simply tells them both that you support what they are collectively doing. Red or blue, they are all spending us into oblivion. The Democrats just have the decency to steal the money up front, while the Republicans have just been mortgaging our future by borrowing.

Well . . . sort of. At the same time the roads in New Jersey are turning to third-world quality, because there's supposedly no money to fix the potholes that develop a year or two after paving that obviously wasn't done very well, and in the meantime the state is carrying huge debt payments.

I think we could conclude this thread with the thought: Isn't it nice how intelligent people holding different viewpoints can discuss them in a rational fashion? Rather than the hysteria from our so-called news media?


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