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  • DateTue, 21 Feb 2006 09:51:26 -0000
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> Nice job with the graphics!  And I believe you are
> dead-on accurate in your choice of linchpins for this
> decade or two.  Good job!

I'll second/third/fourth/nth this. I was thoroughly impressed, and I'm
tempted to print them out and add them to the game if you're happy with

> Questions:
> 2.  How would I read "?  Prime-prime?

I'd say "double prime" myself.

> 3.  Why does Man Walks on Mars depend on the World Oil
> Supply being Exhausted?  Is it that they are searching
> on Mars for an alternate fuel supply?

Aha, note that it's the Europeans who do the trip, and in Europe there's a
lot of fusion research happening. Series like Peter F. Hamilton's "Night's
Dawn" trilogy mention spaceships with "fusion" drives, but I'm still not
exactly sure how they're supposed to work.

I wondered if it was something to do with work being done on ion-drive
propulsion. Then I realised that you still need a buttload of reaction mass
to get out of Earth's gravity well, and an ion-drive is a bit slow for
humans over shorter distances like in-system travel.

Anyway, congratulations again!


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