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[Chrononauts] Suggestions for OC, EAC, and UC

  • From"A Ross" <adross@xxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 22 Feb 2006 01:30:57 -0700

I have some suggestions/questions/gripes for Original Chrononauts (4th printing), Early American Chrononauts (2nd printing), the not-yet-existent ÜberChrononauts boxed set, and new small-packets (similar to Lost Identities).


Suggestion for Perform a "Miracle":

Without the bonus effect, a Miracle is really weak (especially compared to Sell_an_Artifact).

This change will provide three benifits.

Simplicity Benefit. It becomes less complicated (you get to hang on to your hand of cards).

Strength Benefit. Its non-bonus strength is greater because you still get to play two cards.

Consistency Benefit. It becomes mechanically similar to the Fluxx cards Draw_2_and_Use_'Em and Draw_3,_Play_2_of_Them.

Change text to:


Perform a "Miracle"

Discard one Artifact from your collection. Turn up the top two cards from the deck and play them both in the order you choose.

(Name of Bonus Effect)

Turn up three cards instead, discard one of them, and play the other two, if your Artifact was one of these:

(Names of Artifacts that give Bonus)


Gripe about the Jade Statue of Tirade:

This year (2006) is in the 3rd millennium.

The year 4002006 is in the 4003rd millennium.

If the JST was recovered from the year 4936585, wouldn't that make it the greatest artwork of the 4937th millennium?


Question about the Jade Statue of Tirade:

Why is it now unplayable during an ÜberParadox?

I figured that it used to be playable even during an ÜberParadox because all the humans would be gone by then anyway and that it comes from the era of talking pyramids (after Tirade died of old age, Daddy-O's descendants carved a statue of him to honor his achievements).


Question about the Jade Statue of Tirade:

It mentions "any Action that lists Bonus Artifacts" instead of just "Sell_an_Artifact or Perform_a_Miracle".

Does this mean there will be a new type of Action that also has a bonus?


Suggestion for ÜberChrononauts Boxed Set:

Made out of really tough cardboard (the stuff that Carcassonne and Chez_Geek_3 come in).

Large enough to hold OC, EAC, and a few dozen extra cards.

Tabs to keep the different parts separated -

- "OC Identities" OC TimeLine, OC Patches, Beatles_Reunion_Albums, German_Cake, OC Identities.

- "EAC Identities" EAC TimeLine, EAC Patches, EAC Identities.

- "OC Missions" OC Missions, OC Artifacts, OC Actions (except New_Mission), OC Timewarps.

- "EAC Missions" EAC Missions, EAC Artifacts, EAC Actions (except Voluntary_Reassignment), EAC Timewarps.

- "Extra Stuff" Crazy_Joe, The_Most_Toys, Carl_Sagan's_Joint, Mating_Pair_of_Pterodactyls, Gadgets, New_Mission, Voluntary_Reassignment, Hand_Size_Goals.

- "Extra Stuff for UC Only" UC Identities, UC Missions.


Suggestion for Hand_Size Goals:

Each packet of Hand_Size Goals would have:

(6x) Ten_Cards,_Any_Types









Suggestions for more Identities:

A "Lost EAC Identities" expansion with 13 Identities for EAC.

A "UC Identities" expansion with 26 Identities for UC (13 of them need 2 OC events and 1 EAC events while the other 13 need 1 from OC and 2 from EAC).


Suggestions for more Missions:

A "UC Missions" expansion with Missions for EAC, Missions for OC, Missions involving promo cards, and Missions for UC (requiring Artifacts from both EAC and OC).


Gripe about Solonauts:

Now that OC has 16 Inverters instead of 20 (it's missing 3 Restore_History 's and a Reverse_Fate), Solonauts is too hard!

I've played it several times and still haven't gotten all eight Identities home.


Suggestions for Solonauts:

Use six Identities instead of eight.

Have a hand size of seven instead of five.

Have a hand size of only four, but each Patch is "stuck" to the back of each Ripplepoint (so flipping the Ripplepoint over automatically reveals the appropriate Patch).