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Re: [Chrononauts] Email address change

  • FromRobin <Empl13@xxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 31 Mar 2006 08:48:22 -0500
I help administer all the mailing lists for Looney Labs so whenever I see a posting like this I contact the person directly and offer assistance. At anytime someone has a question or needs assistance you can find me by looking at the bottom of the page for that mailing list (e.g., http://lists.looneylabs.com/mailman/listinfo/chrononauts) and you'll see who runs that list:

Chrononauts list run by empl13 at aol.com

You can email me directly at that email address or click on the link, which sends email to "chrononauts-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", which will also get to me. A good tip is that you can add a "-owner" to the end of any list name (e.g., fluxx-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) to send email to that list's administrator.

Robin Vinopal
EMPL13@xxxxxxx (Looney Labs Employee #13)
LOONEY LABS (http://www.looneylabs.com/)

On Mar 30, 2006, at 10:28 PM, Tom Phoenix wrote:

On 3/30/06, Jonathan Cogan <coganjd@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I tried (apparantly unsuccessfully) to change my email address since I'm
moving and won't have access to this one much longer.

Is there a "correct" way to do this?

If nothing else works, I would simply un sub scribe, then re sub
scribe under your new address. (I'm spelling it that way because many
lists filter out postings with the actual word.)


Hope this helps!

--Tom Phoenix
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