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Re: [Chrononauts] Chrononauts Digest, Vol 32, Issue 1

  • FromAndy Looney <andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 06 Oct 2009 12:00:56 -0400
We were compelled to add cards due to a change in our production methods. We switched printers, and the new company arranges the cards on the card sheets differently. This in turn caused us to move from 136 cards to 140 cards in the set, and I couldn't resist using the extra slots to fill in a couple of long-standing little gaps.

-- Andy

--On October 6, 2009 10:48:07 AM -0500 Ken Livingston <undrhil@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Wouldn’t it make more sense to include any changed cards in the
expansion pack?  I mean, it’s not like they are too useful without the
expansion, right?


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I agree, the two cards are non-vital to the game, only a true enthusiast
would really want them. I'm actually more excited about the new box
itself, it will stack nicely with all the other upgraded new boxes for
the other games in the looney labs collection. I really hope they update
EAC into a new box also. The way I see it, I'm going to have one deck
shuffled for ubernauts and the other box for when I am in the mood to
play a light game of chrononauts.

Plus if it were a company like Milton Bradly or Nintendo, I'd see them as
money hungry pigs trying to suck my money out of my pocket. But, this is
our neighborhood friend Andy Looney who makes us fun games! I always
support my mom and pop store.

On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 5:17 AM, Rev. Andrew Holt <dimwitf@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Regarding the idea of "it's hard to rationalize getting a new set":

Of course it isn't!
 - I'm ordering a new set for myself, meaning I get all the cool new
 - The old set is a gift to a friend, who gets a copy of the game of
their own (slight wear, eh...).
 - And Looney Labs gets a cash reward for putting out new Chrononauts
stuff - filling the double duty of rewarding a company I like, and
sending a message to focus on Chrononauts more.  We have enough Fluxx
varieties already!

- Rev. Andrew Holt

> > We are now taking preorders at our website for the new edition of
> > Chrononauts, as well as the brand new expansion, The Gore Years.
> > The Gore Years adds five new cards onto the end of the timeline to
> > bring it up to 2008. It also includes three Identities that use the
> > new events.
> I'll be getting the Gore years, of course - I've already got every
> /other/ Chrononauts card. I can probably live without another dinosaur
> if I have to... but does anyone know if there's some way I can get
> 1945-D without having to buy a whole new Chrononauts deck?
> --
> DataPacRat
> I'm psyched to hear about The Gore Years, but I'm in a similar boat as
> you: it's hard to rationalize buying a whole new set, even with a
> sturdier box, for two extra cards. Getting one some other way would
> probably require Looney Labs to release it as a promo, I guess.
> --
> Tyler Dion

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