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Re: [Fluxx] Introducing young ones to Fluxx

  • FromTonya Weaver <weavertr@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 20 Dec 2005 06:03:33 -0800 (PST)
I'm in the same predicament, with 2 nieces who are (very soon to be) 3 and two nephews, 6 and 4.  Trying to find games that are age appropriate, but with enough strategy for adults can cause a headache.  
I've had great success with Playroom Entertainment games.  One is Gopher It, which is a collection and counting game.  Right Turn, Left Turn is another which helps with directions.  I've not played that one but have not heard back negative reports from their parents.  This is also the same company that does Kinder Bunnies, which the 4 year old picked up really quick, although his sister did not like the idea of her brother taking her bunnies away, but has since learned that this is the goal of the game.  The link is below.  Kai Piranja is another game with sequences of big, bigger, biggest, etc.
Don't limit them to kid's games either.  The 4 year old requested that I bring over Shadows over Camelot so often his dad went out and bought the game for him.  It does require coaching, but all the adults are patient enough to let him think through the strategy (with a little help).  I know his parents have been teaching him Carcassonne as well.  Even last night, we were playing the tile version of MahJongg, and all the kids were interested enough to at least stop and ask what we were playing and helped shuffle tiles, etc.  I don't think it will be long before before Dominos and the like will be in their repetoire.  If it is a game they see parents and other adults playing frequently, they will pick it up just to spend time with the adults, and spending time with the kids is the ultimate goal for us, right?
Also, don't forget about Nanofictionary.  I adapted this so the kids pick a card of each type and I just make up a story with the cards they hand me.  Definately not according to the rules, but it keeps them occupied and happy, and forces me to be creative on the spot.  And I also mimic the suggestion of Aquarius.  I know there were some suggestions a while ago on how to adapt this to younger children.
Most of these you can ask your Looney Labs retailer for (unless you order directly from LLabs directly, in which case, stick with just the Looney Labs games for that part.)  They may need to special order them, as at least the game store I have nearby is focused on more adult games, but I know my retailer has not refused my request to at least try to get a game in stock.  If he can't get it in for some reason, I then usually check www.gamefest.com.
For Christmas this year, they are getting Hisss (colors and matching) and Family Fluxx, which they have been asking for for months!
Patricia Cheng <patricia.cheng@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I think you are doing a great job! What an awesome idea.

As another list member mentioned, Cranium has some good games. I
really like Zigity, but she'll need to know numbers and be able to
add to 11.

My all time favorite logic game for all ages is Set. (http://
www.setgame.com/) There are just shapes, colors, numbers (1, 2, 3),
and shades. You can manipulate the deck to fit her level.


On Dec 18, 2005, at 4:27 PM, Chris Palmer wrote:

> Greetings,
> So, I have been introducing my soon-to-be 4 year old daughter (bday on
> Xmas eve) to Fluxx. So far, she loves it (it definately passes the
> "Let's
> Play Again" test.) I would like to share how I am easing her into
> being a
> game geek like her dear-old-dad, and get some ideas from you folks
> on the
> next steps if you have done something similar (or just to hear if
> you have
> any improvements on my methods.)
> She has no clue about a "hand" of cards. I have been trying to
> teach this
> by playing "Go Fish" with her. So, for now, we are just using "Draw 1,
> Play 1" with no hand as the only rules with a 3.1 deck. We go
> around the
> table drawing cards and playing them immediately. If it is a
> Keeper, you
> just throw it down in front of you. If it is a Goal, that's the new
> goal
> for the game. I have pretty much removed all of the New Rule and
> Action
> cards (except for "Reverse Order" and Take "Another Turn,") so it is
> largely just a game of chance ;) . But what the hey, we still have
> tons of
> fun and she is learning the basics of the goals.
> Here's the list of what we have been playing with:
> Keepers:
> Time
> The Sun
> The Toaster
> Chocolate
> Bread
> The Brain
> Cookies
> Death
> Dreams
> Television
> Milk
> War
> The Rocket
> Love
> Peace
> The Moon
> Sleep
> Money
> Action:
> Take Another Turn
> New Rule:
> Reverse Order
> Goals:
> Squishy Chocolate
> Night and Day
> Toast
> Death by Chocolate
> Bed Time
> Hippyism
> The Brain (No TV)
> Rocket to the Moon
> Rocket Science
> 5 Keepers (we just play through this one normally since we are just
> dumping keepers out of the deck and normally have tons in front of us)
> Baked Goods
> War = Death
> Peace (No War)
> All You Need is Love
> Chocolate Milk
> Winning the Lottery
> The Appliances
> Time is Money
> Hearts and Minds
> Chocolate Cookies
> Milk and Cookies
> Dreamland
> We have also been playing a modified "no hands" version Kinder
> Bunnies and
> a game I made up with 3 six sided slot machine dice where you throw
> a coin
> or glass counter into an old Magic: The Gathering deck box with a
> dragon
> on it before you roll. When the dice match (three cherries, lemons,
> etc.)
> you have successfully stolen all of the dragon's loot. ;) I know...
> it's
> lame, but she has a blast with it.
> I am looking for more games that we can have fun with where no
> reading is
> required, but will teach her strategy, numbers, logic, whatever. I
> have
> never played with Icehouse, is this a candidate?
> Regards,
> --
> Chris Palmer
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