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[Fluxx] Volity Fluxx betatest invitation

  • From"Jason McIntosh" <zendonut@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 19 Mar 2006 12:30:12 -0500
Hello Fluxx fans,

I'd like to invite you all to help betatest my company's online
version of Fluxx. It's accessible through Volity, an open platform for
casual multiplayer games that we are developing.

To get started, visit our betatest resource page:
http://volity.org/betatesting.html, and follow the links to download
the latest release of Javolin, our client software, and learn how to
get started using it. We have Mac and Windows downloads available, as
well as a raw Java jarfile for you adventurous Linux types.

Once you start a Fluxx table, you can invite other users to play, or
summon bots to play against. If you find problems or have other
feedback to offer, select "File Bug Report" from under the Debug
pull-down menu. (You can also just email or IM me; see signature.)
This is a betatest, so don't be shy about submitting feedback; more is
better, as far as we're concerned.

We are hoping to offer Fluxx as one of a handful of free launch titles
that will demonstrate to both players and developers (and investors)
how cool our platform is. In typical idealistic-startup fashion, the
money-making parts come later, but (in accordance with Looney Labs'
electronic games policy) our version of Fluxx will always remain free
to play.

You may notice a bunch of other games playable from the application's
Game Finder window, several of which come from elsewhere in the
Looneysphere. Feel free to give those a whirl as well!

Thanks, and have fun!

Jason McIntosh
Jabber: jmac@xxxxxxxxxx
AIM: zendonut

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