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RE: [Fluxx] Re: Reverse order card, 2 player question

  • Fromelise0511@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • DateTue, 18 Apr 2006 7:14:06 -0700

When I play two-hand Fluxx, which I do the most often since I only have one other person with whom to play, if the card played isn't practicable, like Reverse Order, we ignore it, or I try to remember to pull it from the deck before we play, like pulling the Borders Bonus card when I play in a private home.

The whole point of Fluxx is the changeable rules. When I got my Christmas bonus pack this year there was a Goal card that involved Keepers I didn't have, so I used my Fluxx Blanxx to create the appropriate Keepers, then created several new Goal cards to use the new Keepers. [BTW, my favorite new Goal is called "Calorie Free." It requires the Gift (one of the Keepers I had to make) and Chocolate (one of the traditional) Keepers, since candy received as a gift has no calories. You are welcome to borrow this Goal for your game if you have or make the Gift Keeper.
Elise Dee Beraru

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