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The people playing Fluxx just commit it to memory...

A Ross wrote:

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I took note of that on Hal Haag's site and created my own doppleganger card. I have had to retire certain made-up cards from my deck because they were too powerful, and the original doppleganger fits into that category. If you do not want to play with super-powerful cards, here's what I found helps: make the doppleganger have to copy something the moment it comes into play. My card says:

Type: Keeper
Name: Doppelganger
Image: A small 4-pointed star shape with the letters "DG" in the middle and
question marks on the four sides.
Text: "When you play this card, choose one of your opponents' keepers. This
acts as a duplicate of that card. When the Doppleganger leaves play, it
loses its copied keeper name."

[I guess you could change it so it /could/ be used on your own keepers... Also, you should put on the card that it loses its keeper name/ability when it leaves play so it can change later]


How do you keep track of what Keeper it's copying? (Mine is a copy of
whatever its owner says it is at that moment.)

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