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Re: [Fluxx] the question of XXX Fluxx

  • FromChris Goodwin <cgoodwin@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSat, 13 May 2006 13:05:51 -0700 (PDT)
On Sat, 13 May 2006, Kristin Looney wrote:

Nope.  The XXX raided version was never an official project.

It could maybe show up someday, published by another company, *maybe*,
but Looney Labs will never publish it. Not an image we want to embrace.
We did discuss the idea of publishing it a long ago, but decided not to.


So please don't look for a XXX version of Fluxx.  Sorry...
Please don't tell people that this is going to exist someday.
Nothing against sex, just not a topic we want to publish a game about.

If you are interested in a XXX version of Fluxx, then Fluxx Blanxx, plus a little imagination, are your friend.

Chris Goodwin

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