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  • FromJeffrey Adamson <jwadamson@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 21 Sep 2006 23:29:32 -0400
Not trying to be critical, but i was actually trying to verify these, and/or make them work and this is hard...

Significant problem:
1)after "Everybody Gets 1+1" your opponents are under the "Hand Limit 0+1". So your taxation will only get you 1 card from each opponent (total 2) 2)You have to play all your cards after taxation, you still have "Play All" out, also "Hand Limit 0+1" will inhibit your ability to start your second turn with any cards, let alone 7.
On Sep 18, 2006, at 4:23 AM, S Mattison wrote:
1- Draw 2 and use them... Good card. I'll start with that. [1 drawn, 1 played]
2- Draw 5 [first used, + 4 immediate from draw (Can the rules be bent
like this?)]
3- Play All [second used, 4 in hand left to play (Assuming I have all
my cards at this point)]
4- "X=X+1" [3 left to play + 1 immediate from this "draw 6" = 4 cards in hand] 5- Everybody Gets 1 (2) [3 left to play + 2 from this play = 5 cards in hand]
6- Taxation [4 left to play + 4 from other players = 8 cards in hand]
7- Take another Turn [7 left to play + 6 from next "draw 6" = 13 cards in hand]

Two corrections
1)first turn
  a)playing inflation uses a play (up the play rule by 1)
b)end of turn hand limit is 1 due to inflation, you need to play two more cards that won't affect anything you need next turn (up the play rule to All) 2)second turn drawing 4 then 6 is 10 not 9 (this is in your favor, but doesn't really help the solution along)

On Sep 18, 2006, at 4:26 AM, Anestis Kozakis wrote:
At 17:45 -0500 06/09/17, Andrew Mutchler wrote:
You're playing Fluxx 3.1 with two other players. The only New Rule card in play is Hand Limit 0. Nobody has any Keepers in play, or cards in their hand. The current goal is 10 Cards in Hand. It's your turn.

Is there a possible arrangement of cards in the deck that would let you win, without changing the Goal, before the next person gets a turn? If so, what's the simplest arrangement (i.e., fewest specific cards at the top of the deck before you reach the "rest of the cards can be in any order" point)?

I'll give my solution in a future post.

Not having seen any other solutions, this is what I came up with

So it's currently Draw 1, Play 1, Hand Lmit 0.

Draw Two and Use Them or Draw 3, Play 2 of them.
Drawing two cards (or 3) you would need to get the following 2: Draw 5, Play 2.
Currently 0 Crads in hand.
Play the Draw 5, and Draw 5 cards.
Currently  5 Cards in Hand.
You would want to have drawn is Inflation, so you play that.
Four cards in hand, but Inflation adds 1 to the Draw total, so draw another card.
Five Cards in hand.
Another card in your hand would have to be No Hand Bonus.  Play it.
Four Cards in Hand.
Next card would have to be Take Another Turn.  Play it.
Three Cards in hand.
You have Played 3 cards (2 +1 for the Inflation, means three cards played).
End of Turn, but you have played Take Another Turn, so you do.
No hand Bonus means you draw a new hand of four cards (3 + 1 for Inflation).
Draw 6 (Draw 5 + 1 for Inflation).
9 cards in hand.
One of those must be Jackpot, so play it.
8 cards in hand.
Take 4 cards from the Deck because of Jackpot (3+1 for Inflation), and you have a grand total of 12 cards in hand.
You win the game.


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