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RE: [Fluxx] Rich and Poor bonus (Middle Class?)

  • From"Matthew Sach" <matt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 26 Mar 2007 15:37:19 +0100
> > I agree, because, in THAT case, 2 would get BOTH the rich AND the
> > bonus. We can't have that, because the card does not read
> > 'Middle-Class Double-Bonus'. But that's a nice idea for a card, too.
> Yes, except that wording the card as "More than everyone else" would  
> then be interpreted as "add up the number of keepers everyone else  
> has-- if you have more, then you get the bonus."

Possibly what's needed is "more than each other player". You have to go
round each other player in turn saying "Do I have more than you?". A
single "no" answer means you don't get the bonus.

It's a template that's used in Magic: The Gathering, as they had the
same struggles with trying to make sure the wording was accurate to the
intent. That was their effort, and I think it does a decent job (though
of course they have a huuuuuge body of rules which clarifies such things
as well, meaning noone in a tournament setting can quibble over it).

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