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[Fluxx] Blanxx Page Ideas

  • From"Austin Muhlestein" <horowits@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 06 Aug 2007 11:41:15 -0600
I always thought a "Fluxx Forum" would be a good way to maintain a huge collection of blanxx ideas. There could be a Goal, Keeper, Action, Rule post. There could also be fluxx strats (something I think about often), ideas for blanxx, how to make blanxx, and so forth. I dont really know anything about making or maintaing a website, but I would be happy to help in any way possible. If there -was- a forum that got put up I would be happy to help move any of Hals Fluxx Page ideas over to it... i imagine it would involve a lot of copy and pasting what he has and posting it on a forum. (if thats acceptable) anyways.. like I said, I dont know anything about running websites but I always thought a forum would be a good idea to post and discuss them all at... I almost tried to do this myself once and even came up with a not-so-clever name of The Permanent Marker. hehe. That way there would be plenty of places to talk about any aspect of fluxx. what do you think? is this something that could work? If so where could one find out about hosting a forum and such... I am more then willing to help save the huge collection of blanxx. yay blanxx!

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