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RE: [Fluxx] FLUXX Fans! Help me!

  • From"Bob Winans" <rwinans@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSat, 6 Oct 2007 22:19:43 -0400
First of all, Congratulations!

Since this is for a proposal, and not a real game play card. Let me make the
following suggestion.

Hand write it on the card.
With her name on it. 

Make sure she KNOWS it's not something you just bought somewhere. (it will
mean more, trust me on that)

Make a GOAL card and call it THE WEDDING

When one player puts LOVE into play, Play this GOAL immediately.
You must propose to your true love, and they must accept for you BOTH to

(If anyone can word smith it better... please do)


Put the two "new" cards on the top of the deck and put the goal All You Need
Is Love on the bottom of the deck.

It's not hard to shuffle and keep the two cards on the top of the deck and
All You Need Is Love on the bottom. (Keeping three cards on the top is a lot
more difficult)  Start/practice your shuffle so AYNIL stays on the bottom
and the other two stay on top.

Deal the cards so SHE gets the keeper LOVE and you get the goal THE WEDDING.
(The top two cards)

Deal her the AYNIL card from the bottom of the deck any time after that.
(Practice this move as well, its not that hard)

By doing this, you have a guaranteed play of the LOVE keeper in a maximum of
her second turn. (Most likely she will play it immediately)

When she does, Play your "THE WEDDING" card and make that proposal.

It's sneaky and romantic!




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Hello FLUXX Fans,

FLUXX is so good, in fact, that my girlfriend has fallen in love with
it. It is the only game I could ever get her to play, and she loves it!
It is also the only game that she remains almost undefeated against me
(I don't know what the dealio is, but nobody can seem to beat her, it is
wild to see, trust me). Her name is Andrea, and I have been with her for
several months now, and I plan to propose to her this January for her
birthday. Because FLUXX has been such a big part of our lives (no
really, we play it a lot. She always keeps a copy in her purse), I came
up with the idea of proposing to her during a game of FLUXX.

I'm still not sure how to go about it. Every time I run it through my
head it happens differently. What I want to do is get a FLUXX Action
Card that says "Marry Me?" and has the action of something like, "The
player thats plays this card must get down on one knee and ask a player
to marry him." For this card I figured I would sneak it into my hand
when she wasn't looking and then play it on her. Alternatively, I
thought I might be able to slip a card into the deck for her to find,
likely the same action card with different text: "Marry Me?" and "If you
have this card in your hand, you must play it, and then immediately
surrender your ring finger to another player." -- My real dilemma is how
to go about it and how to get the card. This is where you come in...

I was hoping that all of you fans out there could help me make a "Marry 
Me?" card, as real as possible, or that you can direct me to a way to do 
so. I want more than anything to do this for my girlfriend.

So, thats my story. I now plead with you: please, please help me make
this the most memorable moment of my life. I'll do whatever it takes to
help you.

Thank you,

Aaron Horner
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