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Re: [Fluxx] RE: Must draw first?

  • From"Anestis Kozakis" <kenosti@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 7 Oct 2007 12:09:48 +1000
I'm de-lurking to give my opinion on a couple of things.

On 07/10/2007, Bob Winans <rwinans@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Everyone:
> I have received some off-list e-mail telling me how wrong I am,

Come on folks, that's just bad form.

If you disagree with someone's interpretation, then fine.  But sending
them an off-list e-mail saying how wrong they are is just rude.

> I am not angry about them, but I would like to set anyone's conception of my
> stance straight.
> The original question (not posed by me) was MUST you draw first.
> Since the rules don't state you must, then I would have to say: No you don't
> have to draw first, but you MUST draw during your turn.
> The rule also don't state that that you can do any phase in any order
> Now, I always draw first and play second.

That is how we have been playing it in my local group.  Draw, then Play.


Well, the Basic Rules card says "Draw 1, Play 1".  Note Draw 1 comes
before Play 1.  It seems that the steps are logical int he basic

Also, I started playing about Fluxx Version 2 or so.  And the back of
the Box actually did have a summary of play.  And the summary of play
did say (from memory), "Draw a Card, Play a Card".

> It only seems logical.

I have to agree with Bob here..

> If you were playing at my table with my deck, you would draw first and play
> second. (If necessary I would make this a house rule)

I would do exactly the same thing.  My deck, my rules.  If you don't
like them, then go play elsewhere.  If you want a fun game, then put
your hang-up's and rules-lawyering away, sit down, and have fun.

> If however you personally feel that you want to have the option to play
> first and then draw…. Knock yourself out.
> It would add a twist to the game dynamic. But make sure all the players are
> aware of this possibility. Make it your own house rule.

Again, I agree with Bob here.

> If there is going to be a sanctioned FLUXX tournament, then an official
> Looney Labs ruling would be in order.

Yep, until such time as it is clearly stated by someone from Loony
Labs on an Official FAQ, then that's how I'll continue to play.  Draw,
then Play.

> Otherwise…. Can we end this thread and go back to having fun!?!

Gott agree here too (geez, I'm sounding like an AOL-er :-/).

People have different interpretations of the rules.  If you wanna play
like Andy does, then do so.  If you wanna play your way, do so.  But
realise, folks, that people play in different ways.  Don't harass
someone because they interpret things differently.

Think about it.  If everyone was exactly the same, how boring would life be?

Bob pobably plays differently to me.  I probably play differently to
anyone else.  That's half the fun.

Harrasment is not fun, so let's leave it be.

> -Bob

> P.S. the rules also don't state that you can't hit you opponents over the
> head with a dead fish….. But I feel that doing so would be in bad form J
> (unless it was a house rule)

Awww darn it.  I was gonna take my trout to the next game :-/

> -Bob

Anestis Kozakis