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RE: [Fluxx] Mixing Zombies and original Fluxx

  • From"Bob Winans" <rwinans@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 26 Oct 2007 08:55:44 -0400
There was a previous thread that covered these questions. (they are good
questions !)

The zombie baseball team is done by the number of Zombies (not cards) on the

The zombie cards themselves tell you what happened when you use a weapon to
kill them.

I.E. if you use the shotgun on a zombie in the zombie trio they move in the
direction indicated by the arrow, instead of being placed in the discard

A regular zombie would be put in the in the discard pile.

The zombie pair has the special skill of moving if a different zombie is
killed, but can be killed the same as a single zombie.

The quartet when killed is placed on top of the draw pile.

This infers that a kill is by card and not by the number of zombies on the

That's my understanding anyway.


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I noticed these issues as well.  Personally, I could not find any direct
statement on the cards or in the ZF rules to support the idea that Zombie
Baseball Team counts the number of Zombies on each card.  The rules mention
that there are four types of Zombie cards and that each has a special
ability but says nothing, IIRC, about them counting as different numbers of
Zombies.  However, this seems like a reasonable interpretation for ZBT since
there are only 15 Zombie cards in the deck.

And if they do, then of course there are the weapon issues.  I have been
interpreting those cards to be referring to "Zombie cards".  And
flavor-wise, when you "kill" one of the multi-Zombie cards, they don't "die"
(i.e. go to the discard), but move somewhere else on the table.  I
interpreted this as the "surviving" Zombies running away?  (which doesn't
quite fit, but ...)



Rev. Bob wrote on 10/25/07 1:08 PM:

> The use of three concepts - Zombie (a card), Zombie (one zombie on a
> card) and Creeper - seem to be used almost interchangeably despite
> being different things, which causes some confusion.  For instance,
> the Zombie Baseball Team requires nine Zombies - meaning nine total
> zombies, not nine distinct Zombie Creeper cards.  What about cards
> like the Weapon Bonus - if I have one weapon and a Zombie Quartet, can
> I discard that (because it's one Zombie card) or not (because I can
> only kill one of the four zombies)? 

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