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[Fluxx] Mixing Zombies and original Fluxx

  • FromAnthony Kozar <anthonykozar@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSat, 13 Oct 2007 13:43:32 -0400
I am looking for some casual opinions (not necessarily official rulings)
about how to play Zombie Fluxx cards when mixed with other varieties of

Do you think that non-Zombie Fluxx Goals should also require you to not have
any Zombies?  This would be consistent with the idea that Creepers prevent
you from winning (a la Radioactive Potato) and would make "Coffee and
Doughnuts" works the same as "Donuts with Coffee".

I am sure that "Donuts" and "Doughnuts" should be considered the same.

Should "Brains", "The Brain", and "Andy" all be considered interchangeable?
(Similar to "Trees", "The Tree", and the other 3 Tree keepers).

The wording of Zombie Victory would seem to count non-Zombie Creepers, yes?

Would you allow any other keepers to count for "Provisions" (Coffee and
Sandwiches) ?

I assume that "drawing" a Creeper from the bottom of the discard pile with
Composting still allows you to draw another card.

Any other House rules that you would make?

Anthony Kozar
anthonykozar AT sbcglobal DOT net

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