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Re: [Fluxx] The travels of a Fluxx deck that has returned to me.

  • FromKristin <kristin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 29 Oct 2007 21:02:57 -0400
Thank you Laurie for his wonderful story!

can you put this on the Rabbit Wiki someplace?  Fluxx Stories!

--On Mon, Oct 29, 2007 "Laurie J. Rich" <knitmeapony@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Many moons ago, I was given a used Fluxx 2.0 deck by a lab rabbit at a
convention (circa 2000).  It was so long ago, I no longer remember the
rabbit or the convention, but thank you.  That deck has converted many

It converted me, and I took it home with me.  My RPG group at the time
typically played card games to unwind after our big live-action games,
and Fluxx became a favorite, surpassing even Lunch Money, which we
thought was the best thing ever.

I was gone one week, and there was no Fluxx to play.  People were very
bothered by this; as a result, three people bought decks.  Because I
was about to go study abroad and the crew thought I should have a new

The new deck I kept in the dorms in England; the old deck came with
me.  I played in every hostel I went to, and when I parted company
with the girls I was travelling with, I traded my trusty old deck for
two bottles of really good German wine and a promise of postcards -- I
had my newer deck back at the dorm, after all.

About a year later, after we had all returned home, I got a package
from one of them.  Inside along with some lovely treats for
some-holiday-or-another, there was my old Fluxx deck!  She'd bought a
new one and wanted me to have mine back.

It was still in remarkably good shape, much to my delight, so I put it
in my games box.  It stayed even when I bought the new 3.0 -- you
never know, after all, when you'll want another deck.  It was with me
when I met Russell and Josh and company at Penguicon, right after I'd
started law school, and became a registered rabbit.

After law school I went out west to visit friends for almost three
weeks.  I taught my dear friend Diana how to play, and she and her
six-year-old son loved it, so I left my old deck with them.  Here's
what I've learned from her:

She taught her sister to play with it, and her friend Sharon.  Her son
got a new Fluxx deck for his birthday, and Family Fluxx too, (and
wants Zombie Fluxx for Christmas) -- so Diana gave the old deck to
Sharon.  Sharon taught her family on that deck before buying a new
one, and when she did get the new deck she gave the old one to her
brother.  Her brother taught the kids next door that he tutors, and
gave the old deck to them.

Apparently the box has just now fallen apart, at last, and the edges
of the cards are rather painfully worn and the cards peeling.  He
wanted to know how to get new decks for the kids and himself, so
through the grapevine I shot him a link to find a FLGS in his area.
Once they get the new deck, they're going to give my dear,
converted-them-all seven-year-old deck a vikings' funeral -- save the
Basic Rules, which they are sending back to me for posterity.

So soon I will have the Basic Rules back from that deck.  I'm thinking
of having them framed.  Title it The Little Deck That Could or

No real point, just thought it was a story people'd like.  Converting
people from a convention floor to Saginaw, MI to Frankenmuth, MI to
England to Germany (via Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland and
Lichtenstein) to Colorado, back to Michigan, over to San Diego, CA up
to San Francisco, CA.

Yep, definitely having them framed.


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