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RE: [Fluxx] Larry the Creeper

  • From"Bob Winans" <rwinans@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 10 Dec 2007 11:09:15 -0500
Here is one I'm kicking around....

"Kill Tom" - creeper

You can not win if you have this card.
If the Rules or Goal currently allow for your victory, discard all rules,
goals, creepers and/or keepers from all players that would satisfy the win.

This card moves in the counter-turn direction any time the goal is changed

As a clarification of the name of the card: back in college, on poker night,
I had created a game where the last card turned up was wild. But if you had
that card in your hand, it killed your hand.
One of my friends, Thom, would always have a winning hand and (every game I
can remember) he would get killed.
We renamed the game "Kill Tom"

- Bob
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When this card arrived, my boys (avid fluxx players) wanted to know if
each of us received personalized creepers...

I didn't know ... Until now. Sigh. And here I thought I'd been given the
honor of having a card named after me. 

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