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Re: [Fluxx] Zombie Fluxx Question

  • From"Carol Townsend" <carol.townsend@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 3 Jan 2008 08:25:02 -0600
Short answer to long question:

Any goal is fulfilled when the conditions are met.  Immediately.  

Longer answer:
The cards have no memory of where they used to be (nor do they anticipate where they are going next).  As soon as Zombie Victory hit the table, you won.  The requisite number of Creepers were out and you had none.  Period. Done. Winner!  Pick 'em up, shuffle up and deal.  Next hand!

Yes, it's fun to not lose on your first go, but that's the way Fluxx is... sometimes you win when you're trying not to.  

Welcome to the list and glad you're a fan!

On 1/3/08, Christopher Onstad <xofour@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
   If the Zombie victory goal is out and there are 5 or more Creeper cards on the table and One person has the Zombie repellent card and a zombie gets passed to the person with the zombie repellent, is the zombie victory condition fulfilled? Or does instantly imply that the person never actually gets the zombie card? For example it is given to him, and he passes it on to somebody else before he sets it down?
  In the scenario above, I arbitrarily decided that the zombie victory was not fulfilled.  I don't know if I was correct, or not, but my thinking was this.  I was playing with 3 people who had never played any version of Fluxx before.  Many people tend to view a game as less "fun" if they lose the very first time they play it.  And the fun is lessened even more if nobody wins the very first time they play it.  So I figured in that case, it was in the best interests of the game to interpret instantly as without any intervening time.  The more I think about it, the more I wonder if that is officially and technically correct, or if I actually cheated.  Any insights?
Thank you for your contemplation, and I apologize for being roundabout, and redundant.

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