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Re: [Fluxx] Zombie Fluxx Question

  • From"Christopher Onstad" <xofour@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 3 Jan 2008 21:29:35 -0800
And on to Carl:
Hi Carl  It's fantastic to make your acquaintance and thank you for your time and consideration.
On Jan 3, 2008 4:46 PM, Carl Worth <cworth@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Thu, 3 Jan 2008 08:25:02 -0600, "Carol Townsend" wrote:
> Short answer to long question:
> Any goal is fulfilled when the conditions are met.  Immediately.


> Longer answer:
> The cards have no memory of where they used to be (nor do they anticipate
> where they are going next).  As soon as
> Zombie Victory hit the table, you won.

Hi Carol,

I think you misread the question slightly. The question was about
Zombie Victory in which case nobody would have won.
That is true, I am afraid in my excitement over posting I was no entirely precise in my speach, and so clouded the issue a little bit.  My apologies to everybody.   But you understood it correctly I think.

So the question is about "Zombie Repellent" and how fast it works. And
frankly, I think if it's going to carry the name of "repellent" then
it had darn well better be able to get rid of that zombie before it's
close enough to start doing what zombies do.
See, that's where I am getting confused, because on the one hand I agree with you, it should be like a force field, which creates a zombie free zone around your little sanctuary.  (which could in fact be detrimental if the goal requires a zombie because you don't have a choice.)
But on the other hand the picture is an aerosol can which brings to mind Cooties from childhood.  Your cootie spray did not keep the girls away from you.  But once they touched you you could spray yourself to get rid of the cooties.  Now zombies are bigger and more visible than Cooties, but I can see the scenario applying.  But on the other hand see the previous argument.  See why I asked?  I'm good at circles, hehehehe.

So Christopher, my opinion is that you made the right call. The zombie
repellent keeps the zombie from getting to you, so the Zombie Victory
goal conditions were never met.

>                        Or does instantly imply that the person never actually
> > gets the zombie card? For example it is given to him, and he passes it on to
> > somebody else before he sets it down?

I'm not looking at my deck now, but if the Zombie Repellent card says
"instantly" then I would interpret it in exactly this sense. In many
card games, "instant" refers to an operation that can interrupt
another action before the first has completely taken effect.
It does say instantly, and that is the driving force behind my thought process.  But I just noticed something.  here is the exact text (except where I added a parenthetical comment because I couldn't resist:
Keeper (in spooky font)
To play this card, place it face up on the tale in front of you.
(white space)
Zombie Repellent
If you have this card on the table, each Zombie you HAVE (my capitalization for emphasis) is INSTANTLY moved to the player of your choice.
I think I am warring between the "have" and the "instantly" because have implies that it is in your protections.  But instant implies no time.  Again, force field, or cootie spray?  I apologize for not quoting the exact text originally, I didn't think of it, but it would have been helpful.

But maybe Andy will make a nice video for an authoritative answer?

Oooh that would be incredibly neat.  To see a video answer.  But I would also settle for a concensus.

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