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Re: [Fluxx] Zombie Fluxx Question

  • From"Christopher Onstad" <xofour@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSat, 5 Jan 2008 00:05:24 -0800
It is totally and completely an honor to have attracted your attention.  I bow humbly before the gaze of the emporer of the universe.

   <gushing snipped to save space>
 It's a wonderful go-to game which I will
> never turn down an opportunity to play.

Awesome! I'm so glad you like my game(s) so much.
  Dude you have no idea, I have not met a looney game I haven't loved.  Not only do I like your games, but I admire your creativity, and apprecaite you willingness to share it.  But this is not the place to suck up, so,....
<snipping a compliment I treasure, but isn't necessary for conversation.>

> it should be like a force field, which creates a zombie free
> zone around your little sanctuary.  (which could in fact be detrimental
> if the goal requires a zombie because you don't have a choice.)

That's basically how I see it. If you have the repellent, Zombies never
really come into your possession, they bounce away from you again as soon
as they approach. But mechanically, when a Creeper is given to the player
with the Repellent, they do sort of possess it momentarily, as it's up to
them to decide who to immediately pass it along to. So I understand the
argument which says for a split second, the Zombie Victory conditions were
met. But I think that goes against the spirit of both cards. The idea
behind the repellent is that the it keeps zombies from ever getting close
enough to you to hurt you, and the idea behind Zombie Victory is that the
players lose because everyone's overcome with Zombies. It doesn't feel
right to say that a player is "overcome by Zombies" because someone had to
spent a moment telling an approaching zombie where to go.

So I say you made the right call. The game continues, Zombie Repellent
keeps you from ever truly being in possession of a Zombie.

-- Andy Looney
Wow, this is even better than video, or a concensus.  Affirmation from the designer.  Thank you Andy.  It's funny, becaus the more I think about it, (well as obvious from the list the more I vacillated) but the more I think I would have made a different decision in other circumstances.  The driving force behind mine was the feelings of the other players.  But if I were playing with 5 fluxx veterans, I might have announced the zombie victory immediately, because it would be funny.  I still anticipate my first UNGOAL victory, because half the fun of fluxx is the unexpected.  Thank you though for 1) giving an official ruling.  and 2) supporting my original decision.  Wow... sorry for the gushing.  Thank you though.