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[Fluxx] Fluxx Strategies

  • From"Scott Sulzer" <ssulzer@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 9 Mar 2008 16:16:57 -0700

All right, we keep saying that there is strategy to playing Fluxx, let’s show other people.  Please post some of your strategies so that we might be able to compile a list of them on the RabbitWiki.  If the strategies are limited due to specific cards, please note the card or deck required.  i.e. if the strategy requires Composting, note that as it is both a promo card and a regular card in EcoFluxx.  However if it revolves around being able to “eat” other keepers, it would be specific to EcoFluxx (at this point anyway).


Lets see if I, having come up with the idea, can actually kick this off.


A couple terms I use:

Anti- Goals: A goal which requires one card and the absence of another card.

Solo- Goals: Allows only one keeper. (I.e. AYNIL or The Cheese Stands Alone)

Null Keepers: Keepers which are not specifically referred to by a goal. (I.e. Poison, Sonic Tranquilizer)


1.)     EcoFluxx – I prefer to hold the lower/lowest level “eaten” keepers when possible and play the higher level ones.  Nothing eats a bear or a snake, but a lot of things eat insects.

2.)     Anti- Goals- Unless I have either the goal or the keeper for the goal, I attempt to play the keeper opposed to the goal as soon as I can.  I.e. playing War to prevent a quick “Make Peace Not War” win.

3.)     Use Keeper Limits to thin other players’ keepers and then trash the keeper limit before the end of your turn.

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