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[Fluxx] Twin Agenda

  • From"Mike Hargreaves" <Mhargreaves@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 27 Mar 2008 17:32:33 -0000
Recently had a game of Fluxx where the Double Agenda card was in play,
and two goals, The appliances + Toast. In one turn I managed to get a
win on both agenda's. I'm not just looking to stroke my ego here, no I'm
looking to share my idea for a new card

NEW RULE - Twin Agenda
[Picture of a goal cards with the standard +1]
This rule goes into effect as soon as you play it. Place this card face
up in the center of the table. Discard it when a newer rule contradicts

The current goal limit is increased by 1. After the current goal limit
is reached whoever plays a new Goal (or causes this card to be
discarded) must which of the current Goals to discard.
You win only if you satisfy all Goals.

I think this might make a case for changing the Double Agenda wording,
but I accept that in the interests of simplicity that some may argue it
is worth leaving alone. Also I'm conscious I've just created a new
"limit" which should be effected by the No More Limits card.

Let me hear your thoughts good people.

Mike Hargreaves
Multimedia Developer
BMS World Mission

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