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[Fluxx] Re: Fluxx Digest, Vol 36, Issue 3

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> Date: Mon, 04 Aug 2008 19:34:23 -0400
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> Subject: Re: [Fluxx] Monty Python Preview Cards
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> Here are my comments, suggestions and questions:
> 1) Thanks very much for the sneak peak!  I've been eager for it.
> 2) Hovercraft: Why subtract one?  Wouldn't it be simpler -- at least less
> wordy -- to just add the two numbers and list the choices from 2 to 8?
> 3) Hovercraft and Inflation: two possibilities:
>  A) Add "This card not affected by Inflation" in small print at the bottom.
>  B) Spell out *all* the numerals, not just '3'.
> 4) Get On With It:  Does "your turn ends immediately" imply that you can
> skip Hand and Keeper Limits?
> 5) The Cheese Shop: Will there be icons?  (For example, a Keeper and a
> Creeper, each with the "None" symbol over it [the red circle and diagonal --
> does it have a name?], and the empty hand from the "Hand Limit 0" card, and
> "You Alone" over the whole thing.)
> 6) The Cheese Shop:  Are there any cards in the deck which make it easier
> for one player to empty his hand?  I'd once thought of a goal of having the
> only empty hand, but considered too difficult to achieve.  Maybe I just
> haven't noticed an obvious strategy.
> 7) The Knights Who Say "Ni!":  Wonderful!  It would be even better if it
> were neutralized if a card with "It" is on the table -- like "Get On With
> It".

1) I agree whole-heartedly. I'm quite enthused about Monty Python
Fluxx, so I quite liked getting the chance to see these.

2) doing so would sever some connections. "Rule six: there is no rule
six" is a direct Python quote (from a list of rules, numbered one
through seven), and rule five being Draw 3 interfaces well with 1,2,5.

3) I was going to suggest that 2nd one myself, but you beat me to it.
The numerals used in the various effects should be left as-is, though.
( "Five: Draw 3 cards." )

4) Those limits are in constant effect while it is not your turn. So
no, you must obey them as always.


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