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[Fluxx] Playing with the Monty Python preview cards

  • From"Bryan Stout" <bryan.stout@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 12 Aug 2008 15:23:46 -0400
Speaking of which, has anyone actually tried using the Get On With It! rule yet? I really like it, but I'm thinking of changing it, so that you draw a hand of 3 new cards instead of redrawing at the current draw level.

I think that might be better. Last night I finally played with the new cards added to Fluxx 3.1 -- a 2-player game with my daughter. It was a game where we had Draw 4 and Inflation out for a good while, and never had a Play X card out. We had huge hands (I had 18, Annie had 12), and The Cheese Shop was one of the Goals (we also had Double Agenda). I was despairing of ever getting rid of my cards to fulfill The Cheese Shop, and would have loved to have Get On With It! out; but Annie won with the other Goal before it appeared. Hovercraft Eels did appear, and I had to explain it to her, but it was fun.

This game reinforced to me that it is hard in Fluxx to divest yourself of your possessions if you want to. Are there other cards in Monty Python Fluxx to help with this?

Anyway, I think drawing a consistent 3 cards in Get On With It would be better on average, even if a higher or lower current draw level would be preferable at times.

Have fun at GenCon!