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[Fluxx] Dutch Fluxx -questions

  • FromBart Janssens <bartjanssens@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 28 Oct 2008 21:16:26 -0400
I just got my copy of Dutch Fluxx. (Good thing I'm Belgian, and speak Dutch. :-) )

I notice a few changes in the card texts from 'American' Fluxx - some of them may be translation 'errors,' but others seem more... deliberate.

- Een Kaart Voor Mij (= Go Fish) says that you *must* play the card you get or draw, whether it's the one you asked for or not.

- 5 Motiefkaarten (= 5 Keepers) says (translated, of course): If there at least 5 Keepers in front of 1 player, the game ends immediately. The player with the most Keepers wins. - Note that X + 1 (= Inflation) is in this deck... you then need 6 keepers in front of *2* players. - 10 Handkaarten (= 10 Cards in Hand), in contrast, says 'one', not '1' player, which makes me think this is intentional.

- Dubbel Doel (= Double Agenda) is similar, although not in the way you think. It says: There may be two Goals on the table. To win, it is sufficient to fulfill 1 of the goals. If this card becomes invalid, 1 of the goals also becomes invalid. The player chooses which himself. - The 'two' is spelled out... the 1s (ones) are numerals. So, with Inflation, you need to meet both Goals... and if you lose Double Agenda during Inflation, both Goals go away?

- Extra Beurt (= Take another Turn) says: Whoever ends his turn with this card, immediately gets a new turn.
     - So if it's not your last play, it does nothing?

- Toevallige Kaart (= Random Card) says: The left-hand neighbor of the player determines the card played by drawing it out of the hand of the player. The player may only play 1 more card. - This one's weird. Does it override the current Play rule while it's in effect? Or is it itself a Play rule - essentially a Play 2/First Play Random combination?

Bart Janssens

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