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Re: [Fluxx] Bring Out Your Dead + Lets Do That Again

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  • DateWed, 12 Nov 2008 08:45:19 -0600
I would disagree.  When "order of discard pile" became important (I think it was when EcoFluxx was released, yes??) our group decided that to play an Action card is to play it and put it in the discard pile.  

For example, Draw 2 And Use Them would be played... and it would go in the discard pile.  Then we would draw 2 cards, playing them in the order we wished, and resultant cards would go on top of D2&UT

Or, with Draw 3, Play 2 of them - play the Action D3P2oT, put that in the discard pile, draw 3 cards.  Play the 2 you wish, putting cards in the discard pile as appropriate, then discarding the 3rd card on top of everything as the final bit of D3P2oT.

However... pulling out the most recent wording of the Official Rules (from MPFluxx), it says:
"Actions are used once and discarded.  Just do whatever the card says, then place it on the Discard Pile."

(checking for typos this time... uh huh... check... then... yup, it's word-for-word right this time.)   : )

With this wording, I'm almost inclined to go with your interpretation - hold the card out while the action on the card is being resolved - THEN place it in the Discard pile.

Sigh... I suppose this is time for another Andy ruling, isn't it?  Fluxx isn't supposed to be this complicated!!  : )


On 11/12/08, Bryan Stout <bryan.stout@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I agree.  BOYD would "start the new discard pile", and LDTA would follow it.
In situations like that -- where one Action card ends up invoking another, such as BOYD or Draw 3 Play 2 -- I place the Actions in a face-up stack on the table.  When one Action's actions have completed, I discard it, freeing up the earlier Actions; the last-in-first-out stack keeps the order of discarding clear. 
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If I use Lets Do That Again on Bring Out Your Dead, does LDTA end up shuffled into the deck, or does it end up being the top card ot the discard pile?

I believe that it ends up on top, since LDTA does not resolve until the card you chose with it also resolves. This effectively means that you hold LDTA in a special area until all other things involving it are taken care of. Then you discard it. BOYD is on the bottom, LDTA is on top of it.

-Tobias Amaranth

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