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Re: [Fluxx] Multi-Goal Fluxx

  • FromMichael Brian De Mesa <mikelodeon11@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 11 Jan 2009 22:08:39 -0800
That's a cool idea.  That can be a meta rule right there as well.  So once the goal is met you keep it?
What if a couple of turns later, someone met those condition for that same goal (using steal a keeper
and other actions).  Or who ever gets it first, gets to keep them for the rest of the game.  If i'm
playing this rule, I'll be needing the chocolate. ,,V,^_^,V,,

From: AniLocatN@xxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2009 00:25:14 -0500
To: fluxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [Fluxx] Multi-Goal Fluxx

Here's another idea to go along with deFluxx. (I couldn't think of as clever a name for it)

I tried this once with my friend. I was tired of the games being really good and then bam, over. Blindsided by the win. So I said "why don't we do first to three?"

How we did it was when a goal was met, the person meeting the goal takes it and places it in front of them like a Keeper. The first person to collect three goals wins. It works surprisingly well and since you take the goals and hold onto them, there's no need for any paper to keep track of the score.

It unlocks a fair amount more strategy than just racing to get that single goal. You have to plan past things at that point.

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