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Re: [Icehouse] Pikemen Online

  • FromAaron Dalton <aaron@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 25 Sep 2005 20:03:38 -0600
Jacob Davenport wrote:
Thanks very much for creating an on-line version of my game. Another person started making a version of it, not on-line, and he did a very good job, but he also found it hard to make a great AI. There as so many possible moves at any moment, a brute force algorithm is pretty useless.

Unfortunately, I have failed to log into Super Duper Games. I've tried to use the name "Continental Drift" but I've never gotten confirmation email that I had a working account, nor do I get anything when I ask to have my password resent. Can you figure out what the problem is? I probably used the email address superdupergames@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. As you may have guessed, just about any address to the domain brightestbulb.net works.



I'm sorry you've had troubles. I don't see your email address anywhere in my server logs. I am going to manually create the account and I will monitor the logs as we get started. Expect a direct email shortly.


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