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Re: [Icehouse] Made in the USA?

  • FromCarlton Noles <carlton.noles@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 29 Jan 2006 23:19:18 -0500
I agree with what's been said so far. One other quick suggestion have you tried any facilities in Florida. I can't say that I know of any offhand  but I do know that salaries for all but top execs in this state is generally a good deal lower than the rest of the us. (in is a running joke here that you get part of your salary in sunshine. While that may be true the local merchants don't accept it as payment. (oh and does that mean we also pay part of our taxes in Hurricane damage? If so I am due for a HUGE refund since we lost our home to Charley. :{)} )). I don't know if there would be enough difference to make it feasable, and I suspect probably not, but i know it would likely  be less than a NJ plant. Just a thought.

On 1/29/06, Laurie Menke <laurie_menke@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Here, here!  (Or is it "Hear, hear!"?)

--- Scott Sulzer < ssulzer@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> None of us have stated it yet, but I think it
> important to just come out
> and say it.
> I believe I speak for everyone on this list when I
> say that we will
> continue to support Looney Labs and Icehouse no
> matter what the final
> decision is.  You make fine games and do your best
> to do what you think
> is right while doing it.  I don't think we can
> really expect more than
> that.
> Thank you,
> Scott Sulzer
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