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RE: [Icehouse] Treehouse: Alternate packaging?

  • FromScott Sulzer <ssulzer@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 06 Feb 2006 00:55:30 -0800
Personally, I don't have any of the tubes for storage because I
purchased Martian Chess, which came in the large plastic box.  However,
looking at the tubes, they seem ideal for a single stash, display well,
show off the contents well and very little wasted space.  They are also
re-closeable and, I believe, less expensive than many other re-useable
packaging systems.

The plastic box for the Martian Chess set has room for another stash or
two, at least, but the stashes must be "packed" into it to get them to
fit well.  The boxed sets (I'm assuming here) take up a lot more space
then four stash tubes would.  There were also the bags that the Xyloid
sets came in, which are still available in the Short Run Depot.

There are also directions for how to make several homemade stash boxes,
which were used when Icehouse pieces were solid and you wanted to
protect the tips of the pyramids from being broken off.

You can also find directions for several different Icehouse boxes, most
notably the Volcano board/boxes that have been produced by different
people in different styles.

Finally, there are the mag-light cases which Andy said would be ideal
for a binary homeworlds set, but I think that those would be too much of
an added expense for single stashes.

There may be more long term storage devices out there that I don't know
about, anyone else want to pipe in?

As to packaging for sales, I think that the tubes offer the best choice
for single stashes, small, efficient packaging which can be opened and
re-closed to allow potential buyers to take a better look at the

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To be honest, I never have cared much for the tubes in the first place.
They look cool in the store, and display the pyramids nicely, but they
aren't very good for continued storage use.  What other types of
packaging have you considered?

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