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RE: [Icehouse] Treehouse rules V-6

  • Fromkerry_and_ryan@xxxxxxx
  • DateWed, 08 Feb 2006 20:36:20 +0000
I know it's probably too late now, but...

If we want to use a Treehouse set as an intro product to the greater Icehouse world, then the game components should be as general-purpose as possible.  This is especially true if we're going to try to come up with other games for the Treehouse set.  Therefore wouldn't it be better if Treehouse came with a generic die instead of one with Dig, Wild, Hop, etc.  If the next game design competition had the "single Trehouse set" restriction, a generic d6 opens the possibilities up a bit more.

(In fact, I'm in the initial brainstorming stage of a game design that uses TWO Treehouse sets (with 2 d6) and maybe a Volcano board.)

This affects the rules printing, because the number -> move correspondence would need to be indicated somehow.


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