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RE: [Icehouse] Treehouse rules V-6

  • Fromkerry_and_ryan@xxxxxxx
  • DateWed, 08 Feb 2006 22:18:43 +0000
I agree that it adds some appeal for the titular (heh heh, he said "titular") game.  But it limits the games that can be played right out of the tube.

Wait... how about having both words AND numbers on the Treehouse dice?  I can see it now:
1 Tip
2 Swap

If the words are diagonal on each die face, the number could go in the corner above the word.

(To save space, I'd use digits rather than some number of dots for the numbers.)


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From: "Matthew Twomey" <mtwomey@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> True, but everyone has generic dice, so including one doesn't really add
> much. On the other hand, where else are you going to get a die with "Dig",
> "Wild", "Hop", ...etc on it?
> I think it adds to the appeal.
> -Matt

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