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[Icehouse] Re: The New Pyramid Idea

  • FromJoseph Peterson <jeepeterson@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 27 Feb 2006 01:33:53 -0800 (PST)
Sorry for the delayed response here, my spam filter got overzealous and
I was so busy at work, I didn't track down the response until today.

> We plan to institute a die recycling program at the web site, where 
> fans can turn in extra copies of the die on trade-in or something.  

Well, I like the idea.  There needs to be something and the recycling
is good.  Might be nice to have a sticker on the package indicating
this.  Maybe a square sticker for the bottom?  ;)

> How about if we make them each worth 1 Rabbit point if you 
> send them back?

Well, if the difference between Treehouse and a single color stash is
$1, then I think it's a fine idea.

> Specifically on the Volcano front, we are looking into making a 
> set of 5 small gray caps available - so you could get 5 Treehouse
> sets and the new caps product to play Volcano.

Woo hoo!  Given this, it would be very synergistic to have the caps be
worth 4 dice... Buy 5 Treehouse, send in the four extra dice and you
have a volcano set.  So maybe they could be worth 1.25 points... I'm
guessing that the caps would be $5 or 5 RP.

> So - although it is hard for all of us long time pyramid fans to 
> bend our brains around, this new shift in pyramid packaging is a 

I like the concept, I was just concerned about the extra price and
the die.  

> > the idea of wasting all those dice.  Or maybe someone needs to
> > come up with a *very* compelling game that requires 5 of the dice.

> It's a custom die.  Please start working on that game that uses 5 
> dice!

I've actually been thinking about it but it would be simpler if the 
die were simply A-F... for Treehouse:
A= Aim
B= Bounce (Hop)
C= Change (Swap)
D= Dig
E= Everything (Wild)
F= Fall (Tip)

But it's been beyond me so far to use the six words in a game.  I'm
still thinking about it though.



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