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[Icehouse] Mixed Fluxx?

  • FromJeff Zeitlin <icehouse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 14 Apr 2006 16:29:45 -0400
I visited my FLGS yesterday and picked up Chrononauts, Fluxx, and
Aquarius.  Questions abound:

(1) I saw that they also had both Family Fluxx and EcoFluxx. Are these
both "expansion packs" for Fluxx, or are they standalone separate
editions?  If the latter, other than via Fluxx Blanxx, is there any way
to 'expand' a Fluxx set?

(2) Going through the Chrononauts set, it seems pretty clear that Early
American Chrononauts is an expansion set for basic Chrononauts. Are
there/will there be any additional Chrononauts expansions?

Unrelated to my FLGS visit:

(3) With the remarketing of the Icehouse pyramids in Treehouse sets, it
makes sense that the Icehouse portions of the various-sized Experiments
should change.  Obviously, Treehouse should be one of the games in the
Experiments; what others should be, given the reorientation of the
pyramids?  *Will* the Experiments be realigned? (N.B. I still think that
single monochrome stashes can fit into an extension of the Treehouse
idea, what I previously called GIANTs - Games In A Nifty Tube. Any
single-stash game whose complete rules can be printed on a 3x5 index
card in 6- or 8-point type would be a candidate for a GIANT.)

(4) Assume that I want to be a pyramid pusher (C'mon, the first hit's
free!). Would it be permissible to make paper Treehouse sets and hand
them out?  What about doing so for covering costs (est. $0.50 per set;
five sheets at a dime each for color photocopies of colored originals)?
Same questions, monochrome paper stashes?

(5) Has anyone written any games that COMBINE various LL games, say
Icehouse-Fluxx, requiring both a Fluxx set and pyramids?

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