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Re: [Icehouse] Mixed Fluxx?

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I'll tackle a few of these questions... please speak up to add things if you want!

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  I visited my FLGS yesterday and picked up Chrononauts, Fluxx, and
Aquarius.  Questions abound:

(1) I saw that they also had both Family Fluxx and EcoFluxx. Are these
both "expansion packs" for Fluxx, or are they standalone separate
editions?  If the latter, other than via Fluxx Blanxx, is there any way
to 'expand' a Fluxx set?

Both Family Fluxx and EcoFluxx are stand alone products. They play great just by themselves but if you want to have a huge Fluxx deck and mix everything into there, they will all work together.

(2) Going through the Chrononauts set, it seems pretty clear that Early
American Chrononauts is an expansion set for basic Chrononauts. Are
there/will there be any additional Chrononauts expansions?

EAC (Early American Chrono) is also a stand alone product that plays great just by itself - but if you put both Chrono and EAC together, then you can play Uberchrononauts. Cool info about all of the Chrono-thoughts can be found here: http://wunderland.com/LooneyLabs/Chrononauts/Default.html

Way at the bottom of the "Mysteries of the Timeline" link from that above page will take you to Andy's published thoughts on future expansions. Basically, he's said it's on the way back burner for a while - i.e., nothing new in this line coming out any time soon.

Unrelated to my FLGS visit:

(3) & (4) are out of my balliwick to answer, so I'll let those who know (Kristin? Josh?) answer these.

(5) Has anyone written any games that COMBINE various LL games, say
Icehouse-Fluxx, requiring both a Fluxx set and pyramids?

There was an Aquarius/Icehouse mix out there, right? I don't think there's been a Fluxx/Icehouse mix. If you've got something that mixes them, I for one would love to see it!

Right now I'm tring to figure out an Aquarius/Treehouse mix, but I definitely have nothing to share at this point. Sigh. :) These games really do lend themselves to whole brain creative thinking, and it sounds like you're right there in the middle of it! Cool!


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