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Re: [Icehouse] IIT Long Form Report

  • From"Elliott C. Evans" <eeyore@xxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 5 Jul 2006 09:07:42 -0700 (PDT)
Kristin wrote:
> > I'm trying to make up for posting last year's report on the
> > Monday before the IIT, by posting this year's report on the
> > Tuesday *after* the IIT.
> Thanks Eeyore!
> Both for running the tourney and the prompt posting of the results!

My pleasure. With all the help I get, it's mostly a matter of
preparation and paperwork.

> Who would have thought 17 years ago, at Disclave, running that
> first tournament around the pool...  that this would still be
> going on almost two decades later.  Wow that's cool.

I'd actually love to have a big party for the 20th IIT in 2009.
It will also be the tenth Big Experiment, so I'm hoping to entice
as many previous players as possible to attend, if not compete.

You and Robin should start practicing with Andy and Josh. We see
you two hiding down there at the very bottom of the attendance
records, but you can't escape. You have three years to prepare!


> Random trivia - the short little round felt covered table that
> Andy brought to play Homeworlds on at Origins this year is one of
> the original tables we made to play that first Icehouse tournament
> around the pool.

Tee hee. Hey, speaking of tables, what ever happened to the normal
height tables yinz made for the tournament? We used one for the
finals a few years. If you're running out of room in the storage
unit, that might make a good eBay auction for Andy.

> AND that cool little wooden scepter that Dave made
> for that first tournament is still being passed along each year
> to the new winner. What an awesome community of Icehouse players!

I thought John "Chort" Montrie made the scepter. Did Chort just make
the pieces at the ends?

> On a more modern note - we played TONS of Treehouse games at
> Origins this year - and it was an overwhelming success.

Hey Ross, please post a Treehouse tournament report! We want to
know what happened, how it went, who won!

Elliott C. "Eeyore" Evans